A is for Affirmation

I have been searching for mindfulness inspiration everywhere.  Reciting affirmations has come up as an effective way to feel positive, purposive, and focused.  Only…what am I supposed to say to myself?  Since I am new to mindfulness I thought I’d check out what guidance is available.  I found the perfect thing. Spotify is a relatively … Continue reading A is for Affirmation

How 2 Weeks of Meditation Has Improved My Life

I’ve started a journey to become the best version of myself.  My personal mission is to fulfill my potential.  To start, I want to increase my self-awareness and focus so that I can make small changes that will allow me to fulfill my mission.  After doing some research I concluded that I needed to analyze … Continue reading How 2 Weeks of Meditation Has Improved My Life

A Beautiful Way to Display Your Scrapbooks!

I have accumulated many full scrapbooks over the years.  Since I like to go for the 12×12 albums (they offer maximum space) there aren’t many options for storing them. “But why would I store them!” They are full of my carefully crafted layouts and I want them to be readily available for viewing.  Plus I like to … Continue reading A Beautiful Way to Display Your Scrapbooks!

Making Your Own Inexpensive Flower Arrangements

Even though my attempt at growing my own flowers didn’t pan out this summer (maybe next year?), I still want to enjoy fresh flowers around the house.  After visiting the various stores around town, I wasn’t that happy with the bouquets I was seeing in floral departments.  I found some okay arrangements at reasonable price … Continue reading Making Your Own Inexpensive Flower Arrangements

Greeting Card Scrapbook

I keep all of the cards I receive… birthdays, invitations, thank-you notes, holiday, wedding…all of them. The thought of throwing away well-wishes and pretty images is not something I can go through with.  So, after reading them, I tossed them into a drawer.  That was the drawer for cards.  Eventually the drawer could not physically … Continue reading Greeting Card Scrapbook